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k-f no more

Started by Johnnie F., Jun 27, 2019, 09:40 AM

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Johnnie F.

Quote from: coolkorat on Jun 26, 2019, 09:57 PMDear All

Today I had a long conversation with the company that has provided the hosting for K-F for many years. They are moving all their clients to new servers, and K-F was one they were struggling with. The forum is, in IT terms, ancient. Moving it is problematic. More to the point, it comes at a significant cost.

If K-F were an active forum this would not be an issue. Move it, swallow the cost etc. But it isn't. It is barely has a pulse.

The days of forums seem to be past. So time to bite the bullet. Time for K-F to shuffle off into history. Sorry Roger: didn't see this coming.

We have a couple of weeks. If you have particular threads you like, and posts you like, go and grab them now. After that, K-F is no more.

Thanks to all the contributors, past and present. It has been a blast.

Goodbye and farewell

The Team.


I was a little bit premature with my predictions of doom and gloom. Some fairly simple changes seem to have cured the problems for the moment, although there is no way to know if a gremlin lies awaiting! So korat-farang continues.

The historic inter-forum sniping has thankfully gone. Cordial relations and goodwill have replaced the nastiness of old. People read different news from different news sources; forums are the same - the important thing is to try and keep fresh and positive. We are stronger together.

Keep reading, and please keep posting. Social media can't exist without people willing to be social.

Johnnie F.

Quote from: coolkorat on Aug 27, 2019, 10:05 PMSocial media can't exist without people willing to be social.

Good point!

The problem is, that "social" is defined differently by some people. Forming groups with certain boundaries around is not "social". Openness, the acceptance of others' thinking and their way of life - or better the integration of that into one's own world, is an inseparabable part of real sociality. But looking at the age structure of expats in Korat, the lack of openness is just natural: "live and let live" is the most that can be expected.