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This is still mainly a testing forum; but due to the data base problems of it might be used as an alternative instead. At the moment I cannot guarantee that it will remain; the software is a release candidate (RC2) only. And it also depends upon how things are going on with

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Started by Johnnie F., Feb 13, 2019, 11:03 am

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Johnnie F.

What happened to Already about a week ago, the forum occasionally did show error messages about problems connecting to the database. I did report this to the webhost, who had an employee respond, that they couldn't make out any problems with the server. And then it really became bad: not only became inaccessible, all the other sites on the server as well.

A day later another employee wrote me about having found the problems, to fix those they restarted the whole server. That made the forum work four days, until the problems with the database occurred again, getting worse all the time.

Having contacted the webhost again, I was told by that first employee very harsh, they were not specialists for databases, I should seek professional help. An answer to my complaint about that employee's behavior I have not received yet. I suggested to reinstall the database from their own backup, as the backup function of my Webspace-Admin did not work properly.

So far! I will keep reporting and looking for alternative fixes myself. Just don't expect it to be so extremely fast. I got lots of other things to do, too, things I consider more important. But if anybody wants to help, he/she can join this forum here and post ideas and suggestions.

The Coppermine photo gallery, that runs also on the domain does also have database problems. That employee said, they were not responsible, if I did run bad software. Now can it happen, that two completely different sites attached to the same database develop by themselves problems that crash the database? IMO it is too big a "coincidence".

Taman Tun

Hi Johnnie,

Sorry to hear about the problems.  It does not sound an easy fix.  Sorry, there is nothing I can do to help but I hope the problem will be  fixed soon.

Best regards


Johnnie F.

Hi TT, at the moment I'm still waiting for a response by the webhost. Restoring the database(s) from their own backup might be the best. But the guy who answered me first seemed to have ruled that out already; maybe their own backup is not ok, either. Had that before on Lost posts from 6 months, but could get it done with a backup I had on my PC. This time I don't think I have a backup recent enough. But maybe I can find another fix. There seem to be quite a number of tables crashed, and not only from the  forum, the foto gallery also has some problems connecting to the database.

Johnnie F.

Another "low-end" employee has written me the same BS again, that I should get professional help by a data base expert; they could not reinstall the data base from their backup, as that would go back only three days.  If they had reacted properly when I contacted them first, that would have been sufficient. I wrote back and asked, whether they would cover the costs, as the fault occurred within their responsibility. But I don't expect them to agree to that.

Looks like I have to do some studies about fixing data bases now.  ::)

Johnnie F.

The "friendly" people from the webhost gave me two links, where I could find help:

QuoteWhich software / CMS are you currently using? I've been told Simple Machines, is this true?

If so, then I ask you to visit the group "Simple Machines" on Facebook and describe their problem to more than 4,000 members using the error messages. Here you should be able to get the fastest assistance because the mistake should be known. Link for Facebookcommunity:

Apart from that, I have seen the community page on, where there is also an active community, and here are some experts, as well as the developers of the CMS can provide you with a much faster explanation.

I responded, that also the Coppermine photo gallery cannot connect to that database anymore.

Besides their employee could have fixed the problem easily and fast from their backup when I first reported it instead of telling me "All in all, there are no server-side problems to locate. (...) Here, if necessary, the database should be repaired. Or a database specialist can be contacted to fix this error."

The way I see the problem now, there are several tables crashed. But when I start fixing one, probably another shows as broken and so on. I don't have very much hope to fix that fast. A lot of experiments are needed, before I do something to a big and fully developed forum. The photo gallery is not so much of a problem, as it doesn't stand for itself, is only used for storing pics that are hotlinked to the forum then. The files hotlinked can still be read, only newly posted cannot be accessed then. A new installation of a photo gallery should help that.

So far!

Johnnie F.

I did run the latest upgrade pack to SMF 2.015 (again) at the known risk it would write over all mods and maybe also the attachments. That showed me three crashed tables I could just rename to use from another setup of the same software. The board seems running again, but all mods have gone, and the banner as well. Should look for a new one anyway.

Time will tell, whether it is worth to invest much work into it again...


Johnnie F.

Keeps running and slowly I do reinstall mods etc.

Johnnie F.

The Coppermine photo gallery I have given up by now. too much work for too little benefit to fix that!

Johnnie F.

Occasionally I do get error messages about problems with single tables in the database. But honestly I don't mind them so much, as I'm off to new things. Pruning that site, removing outdated and superfluous posts might increase its quality; it's not like some people think, that mass is class, when they're copying & pasting.

Johnnie F.

There are attempts to log in there by a former member, who had not logged in since 2012 and therefore had his member account deleted. Maybe that former member should open a new account, but with a working email address this time... ;)

Maybe it isn't possible to register new due to the corrupted data base. I might check that! Please give me some time. I have partly retired from that forum, only do what is very urgent.


Johnnie F.

Get error messages about database problems again. PLease give me some time to find and fix the problems!

Johnnie F.

Should work again fine now. There are some software routines that always crash the same three database tables every now and then. It's just a matter of time to fix them. They can be replaced from another setup.

Johnnie F.

 What about Well, I guess it takes a break. How long? Don't know! Got more important things to do!

Johnnie F.

It's open again. But it's future is dim!

Johnnie F.

Don't know, why it doesn't open. HTTP ERROR 500. Could be because of too much demand. Visitor numbers had gone over the roof again in the last days. Have to wait and see! The 500 Internal Server Error is a very general HTTP status code that means something has gone wrong on the web site's server but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is. 

Johnnie F.

An important file seems to have been corrupted. Why and how this happened is not known to me, neither do I long to know. Easy fix!