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Chokchai: Cyclist killed by car

Started by Johnnie F., Mar 10, 2019, 11:09 AM

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Johnnie F.

The Nation reports about a cyclist having been killed on Friday evening at 7:28 PM on the Chokchai-Chaimongkol road in Ban Sao Diew village in Tambon Tha Ang, while obviously doing exercise, since he was wearing a cyclist exercise outfit.

The female car driver, 35, who asked police not to release her name, waited for police at the scene.

Police said the road was often used by bicyclists for exercise during the daytime because the area is dark at night.

Unfortunately the article does not say, whether the bicycle was equipped with head and tail lights and reflectors on the spokes, what is requirement in most Western countries. Certainly the main fault for the accident the car as the more powerful and bigger traffic participant has, but cyclists in Thailand still seem to lack a sense for defensive measures IMO.