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What happens to the visa when the Thai wife died?

Started by Johnnie F., Jan 01, 2021, 04:03 PM

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Johnnie F.

On Korat-Info that question has recently been asked, when somebody had found out, that he was all of a sudden on overstay in addition to his mourning, though he had gained a residence permit based on his marriage to a Thai. According to Thai law all privileges based on his marriage to a Thai vanished, when she died

Others confirmed knowing of cases, where this led to problems; one reported of a suicide due to that situation even. The best solution is to not trust in a marriage visa, if there is another way like a pensioner visa.

In the case discussed, the foreigner had built a house, which fell to the deceased wife's Thai children. He had reserved the right to live in that house and make use of it for life. His step-children stand by that.

It has not been confirmed yet, but can be thought, that this right might also have monetary value for getting a pensioner visa now: for one it saves him the rent, if he lives in it himself. If he can rent to somebody, it might bring him income to his pension. Depends upon how the immigration complies etc.

Usually the Thai wife is a lot younger than the foreign husband, but that is no guarantee for her not deceasing before him due to accident or illness.

This brings the consideration which visa to get to a whole new point one should think about!