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How do you get to know other expats in Korat?

Started by Johnnie F., Feb 25, 2019, 08:45 AM

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Johnnie F.

Questions like "Is there also a meeting place or a place where expats meet to exchange views and experiences?" are asked on the forums again and again. Also, these questions are then repeatedly answered by various members with advertising for their favorite pub. A statistic, how many newcomers actually go to such a meeting place, unfortunately does not exist; I suspect that it is a vanishingly small number.

The problem here is that apart from being married to a Thai woman, most of the expats show almost no similarities or common interests on the basis of which friendships can develop. The forums or Facebook groups, etc. are probably the only platforms that seem to offer a chance. But even there applies "every man is the architect of his own fortune"; Only those who venture out, represent their interests and competencies, can even get answers, comments and inquiries, can arouse the interest of other expats.

To hope that one finds a connection to like-minded people as a result of the naming of a meeting place and a time rule, seems a bit naive to me. There communication usually doesn't exceed introducing one to each other with name and origin and schematically superficial remarks - and probably afterwards the bad feeling again time and effort was wasted.

Over the last 11 years many information and experiences have been exchanged and friendships in many areas of interest through the forums. How did that work - or how did it not work?

A friendship is much more than a pub acquaintance. Anyone hoping to find new friends by promoting a bar or club should not be disappointed afterwards. Because at those meetings, it's primarily the already "old friends" who talk more or less intensively with each other. Finding new friends requires more than sharing food and toasting. There is a need to interact more informally, less superficially, than is possible in a restaurant, where you end up in one place and rely on the more or less coincidentally next to you sitting  to be interested in you - or in that context can even be interested.

There have been successful initiatives such as joint excursions and explorations or mutual assistance. But then these are not mass events, but meetings of people with common interests found in forum communications. And some other people even feel left out when they learn afterwards that the others had fun while he had not been interested in it before.

Many expect others to look after them instead of themselves looking for others with common interests, initiate and socialize. Your personal destiny, if you are disappointed. Many have not realized that they gave up bachelor life when they married. Contacts with other family fathers and husbands can no longer be made in the same way as in the past with other bachelors; you have to search more intensively and for more common interests. Some expats find contacts with other expats about the relationship of the Thai wife. Then there are other rules, and common interests are not always in the foreground or can be found at all.

The "herd animal" expat (a parallel society) does not exist in Korat. The selection of potential like-minded people is not that big, but there are heaps of individualists in Korat. Some manage to change their social behavior, open up and approach others; others should better stay in their home country, if they just expect instead of becoming active themselves. Depending on the Thai wife alone can be dangerous...