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Korat Social Media History

Started by Johnnie F., Feb 23, 2019, 03:50 PM

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Johnnie F.

Well, I didn't write down every detail, and also I couldn't experience every detail. The latter was owed to the fact that the internet came very late to me. Living out here in the sticks I was happy to get internet finally over my mobile phone as a GPRS signal. And that wasn't so fast, actually it was very slow. But I could look up some first websites and contact other people via the Yahoo messenger. One of those, an Australian, was very surprised, that I had never seen that big forum for foreigners in Thailand. I won't mention its name or give a link to it, because they don't allow my sites linked there, either. Anyway I think, everybody knows about that medium, where everything and everybody is put down, the big super-expat show! But it was the very first of its kind I had ever seen, so I gladly participated.

One day a guy suggested a Korat Expats Club there. I immediately thought this a good idea. In the course of the discussion I suggested to open an own expats forum for Korat. The idea was picked up by a British guy. I joined that new forum, contributed a lot of ideas and helped to make it popular through my other newly found connections. But there were some guys who didn't like me playing a role there. Soon I was banned by that admin, who got under pressure from his mates. No problem at all! I just started my own forum for Korat. That keeps running still. Three years later just for fun I started another forum for Korat as alternative to that very first forum, that had turned into a battlefield of mudslingers. Soon others joined me, even the admin of that first forum. Whether this here will be a third forum or a replacement for that other forum, that has got a corrupted database due to some server problems earlier this month has not been decided, yet. At the moment it is in any case a testing forum, where I am testing the first release candidate of the new software SMF 2.1.

That first forum soon developed into a battleground, and the admin closed it. Some of the former members now started their own forum, using the old name with a minus. That forum still runs, but the topics posted there can't get anyone off a chair: Football and other less important topics. Now they got a guy from my seconds forum to join them and "uplift" the forum. I wish him a lot of luck, but there is a lot more to do than copying and pasting news articles, with about no own comments! We will see how the search engines react to this, and whether the present admin knows what to do more than keeping the brawlers separate...