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Money, Money, Money

Started by Dirk, Feb 23, 2019, 01:39 PM

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Money is an endless topic anywhere, where people like to talk about it. Some complain how expensive things are, while others boast, what bargains they made. Moving to Thailand the talk about money has a totally different dimension: you gotta afford your move. If you only want to live here, rent a place and eat and drink, you can pretty well calculate how much you must have.
If you get married to a Thai woman you got a big set of strings attached, because you will be treated like an ATM machine, like someone, who has an endless flow of money, you will be responsible for your wife's family, be the insurance. Then it will become incalculable, how much you'll need after your move.
Many farangs think they can afford big mansions and new cars etc. They will find out later, that things don't last as long over here due to the humidity and need to be repaired or even replaced after a while.  Etc.

Johnnie F.