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Expat Life in Korat

Started by Jim Jones, Feb 23, 2019, 08:12 AM

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Jim Jones

Now I'm 65 and my working life should have ended. In my country retirement age is at 67, but people can retire earlier, if they are happy with less old-age pension. I have calculated and got to the conclusion that it has to be enough, what they'll pay me for retiring at 65. I got some savings as well. My partner died a couple of years ago. Now I feel sorry that I never married her; I always expected we would get old together, not just me alone. My friends are all in safe relationships. They advised me to get a life in Thailand; it would be easy to find a new love there.

I went there for a vacation first: Pattaya! Nightlife and the availability of women amazed me. But of course I wouldn't trust to find a new partner, who is working as hooker. "You gotta go to the countryside and find somebody who is already married to a Thai; they will gladly set you up with one of the family. Alright, so I planned to move  to Korat, looking for a friendly foreigner, whose wife has got a sister or a cousin looking for a farang.

Nowadays there are those internet forums, where you can ask questions and find friends already from afar. So I looked up "korat" + "forum" on Google. Two popped up: "korat-farang" and "koratfart", the latter full of extremely valuable classified information, but not really active. The other, "korat-farang", somehow seemed to be an insider group picking on each other for made up "problems". So I decided not to try getting connected over an internet forum first, rather meet somebody in person. I had found some farang bars, but, oh my, getting even a smile, a "welcome to talk to me" was just not possible. Everybody rather looked into his glass and giving you a suspicious eye "what do you creep want?" I concluded that drunks in bars aren't the people I am looking for as friends. But there were no others I could find...

Can anybody help me?

Johnnie F.

Quote from: Jim Jones on Feb 23, 2019, 08:12 AMCan anybody help me?

Hi JJ, what help are you looking for? That somebody gets you connected to a Thai relative, that you find a friend among the foreigners here or just information?

Certainly there are plenty of girls who want to be married to wealthy farangs. Just who wants to be a match maker, wo wants to be responsible, if it turns out a mismatch?

Finding friends among the foreigners here isn't so easy, finding foes is easier! :shoot

Finding useful information is probably the most difficult, though there will be lots to tell you, what they think you should do. Just be careful not to get into one of those keyboard battles.  ;)