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Copy & Paste

Started by Johnnie F., Feb 22, 2019, 11:01 PM

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Johnnie F.

Some people think copying articles fully or in big parts from other websites is a good way to popularize a forum. Of course the links to the original source is given, so it is not just pure theft. That is a double-edged sword IMO, as the search engines will find out it is copied and will mark it as double content. Double content is the best way to make your site ignored by the search engines...

Johnnie F.

Of course, the initial effect of copy & paste news articles is an increase in the number of users online, as the search engines will come with more bots to read what is posted. But another question is what happens after they read it. Will they recognize the copied content as genuine and show it in the search results or will they rather find out about the original source and let the cheating backfire by giving the site a less good place on the SERPs?

Johnnie F.

Now what is the alternative to copy & paste? As I think, and I'm still trying to find confirmation to make this theory rock solid, it's the posting of snippets in your own words with also a short hint, why you think the link to that article you're propagating should be followed. IMO that's what the search engines want. Call it posting for S.E.O.