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General Discussion / Weather Forecast for Korat
Last post by Johnnie F. - Feb 23, 2019, 03:17 pm
February 23, 2019 - March 1, 2019

During 23 - 24 Feb 2019, morning cool in the upper part. Hot during day time. Isolated light rain mostly in the lower part. Minimum temperature 19-25°C. Maximum temperature 36-39°C. Southeasterly wind 10-20 km/hr. During 25 Feb-1 Mar 2019, hot during day time. Isolated thunderstorm with gusty winds. Minimum temperature 22-25 °C. Maximum temperature 35-37 °C. Southeasterly wind 15-30 km/hr.
Expat-Life Advice / Money, Money, Money
Last post by Dirk - Feb 23, 2019, 02:39 pm
Money is an endless topic anywhere, where people like to talk about it. Some complain how expensive things are, while others boast, what bargains they made. Moving to Thailand the talk about money has a totally different dimension: you gotta afford your move. If you only want to live here, rent a place and eat and drink, you can pretty well calculate how much you must have.
If you get married to a Thai woman you got a big set of strings attached, because you will be treated like an ATM machine, like someone, who has an endless flow of money, you will be responsible for your wife's family, be the insurance. Then it will become incalculable, how much you'll need after your move.
Many farangs think they can afford big mansions and new cars etc. They will find out later, that things don't last as long over here due to the humidity and need to be repaired or even replaced after a while.  Etc.
General Discussion / Ancient Rock Art Painting at S...
Last post by Johnnie F. - Feb 23, 2019, 12:38 pm
Ancient Rock Art Painting at Sikhiu

Once again I regret not possessing a detailed map of Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Although I know that rock art from the Stone Age can be found at Wat Khao Chan Ngam in Amphur Sikhiu, near the National Road 2, but where can I find this Wat?

Coming of Korat and having passed Sikhiu already, I drive slower and watch out for an otherwise usual blue and white sign for directions. I can't find one. When I reached Lam Takhong  Reservoir t, I knew I had missed the exit. Angry at myself and the world, I turn and go back to just before Sikhiu. Then I drive the route in and see.

Shortly after the intersection with the 201, I find the unmarked entrance to that Wat. What I find, however, is a lonely Wat, on whose premises a door and windowless tower stands at the foot of an altar with a silver statue, and a geologically interesting terrain, with natural caverns, which are probably kept cool by ascending gases formed in the liquid magma.

I am looking for the famous rock paintings. The Wat close to the highway, is the wrong place; there aren't any. But here, Don learns that we are not far from our destination. We look around again and again and Don asks. Most people know nothing, or Don's questions aren't understood by the locals.

Again, I have not found the right exit, again it goes back and the search begins anew. Now we succeed. Actually, the road to the Wat is easy to find, once you know it. It branches off a few hundred yards behind the large weighing station at the highway to the left. There is even a concrete driveway at this sign, that is drawing attention to the Wat. Unfortunately, it can be seen only when you're almost there already and not less unfortunately the writing is in Thai only.

For about three kilometers we drive steadily uphill. Then we pass a big stone gate and enter the temple compound. When we see the buildings of the Wat underneath the huge trees we keep right until we cannot go any further. There is a parking lot with also a couple of signs I cannot read.

The path from here, passing a gigantic concrete tiger, though it  is leading into the forrest is the right way.

Already after a few meters we're walking in between high rise rock towers from which plateaus  arm-thick air roots are leading 6 to 8 meters down into the ground.

Don feels a little queasy by those unreal appearing rocks as high as houses and the trees growing upon them, and probably thinks about the spirits who might be inhabiting them and doing their good or bad.

After some bends and up a steep path we're getting to a plateau that is surrounded on all sides by about 6 to 8 meter high piled up rocks. A small prayer corner seems to indicate that we have reached our destination.

Yes, we did arrive! Though we're not in a cave, as it is sometimes described, but below some over-hanging rocks we can see an about four meters high rock wall with the rock art paintings we were looking for.

These prehistoric paintings are probably from the Paleolithic age. This work of art, in front of which we're standing now, was created supposedly four to three thousand years ago and is of religious nature.

those partially weather-beaten depictions of people, animals and items of commodity were probably part of a place of worship of the people living here by then.

A few remains of paint on a rock wall more exposed to weather and decay let us conclude that those prehistoric artists had created a very huge artwork there, of which only a very small part below the over-hanging rock has remained intact having been protected there from sun, rain and wind.

While I'm still taking photographs Don alerts me to a table opposite the painting with a glas container about 12 cm in diameter and 25 cm high. "Child", does she say. "A child is in there", she does repeat herself. And really, the small head and feet of a newborn can be clearly seen in the liquid.

Also this  item of recent time, which has been appearing somewhat macabre to me, seems to be part of this place of worship. Surrounding the glas were modern plastic toys surrounding the glas, probably for the child to play, if, yes, if...! Don doesn't have an explanation or doesn't want to give me one, because she's afraid of the child's spirit.

Once again I'm flattered about a relic of the religious life of Thais. Even if I can understand the prayer area with their dominating Buddha statue beside the rock art painting the purpose of this child in the glas will remain hidden to me forever.

Looking further around this unreal appearing place on top of one of the rock towers a kuti inhabited by monks and at some places a broom leaning against the rock wall I assume that this well-kept place has been maintained by the monks of the nearby temple and still ask myself unacquaintedly what the child in the glas has got to do with Buddhism.

Wondering I still stay a while at this unreal place, and then Don is glad that we can leave this sinister location.

Originally published in German by Werner Schwalm on
Support Desk / Re: What about
Last post by Johnnie F. - Feb 23, 2019, 11:42 am
Occasionally I do get error messages about problems with single tables in the database. But honestly I don't mind them so much, as I'm off to new things. Pruning that site, removing outdated and superfluous posts might increase its quality; it's not like some people think, that mass is class, when they're copying & pasting.
General Discussion / Re: What do I like about Thail...
Last post by Johnnie F. - Feb 23, 2019, 11:31 am
The most common answers are the food and the weather. But good food you can get just anywhere. What is special about the food here is the availability, the multitude of roadside restaurants and food stalls. The weather? Well, there are other parts of the world with tropic weather, too. But what I like most, apart from my Thai wife of course, is the freedom, the not being bothered by other people so much, the live and let live attitude of Thais.
General Discussion / What do I like about Thailand,...
Last post by Johnnie F. - Feb 23, 2019, 10:11 am
All over the internet we can find complaints by foreigners about Thailand and the specifics what they want changed. Be it that they cannot acquire land in their own name or the 90 days report, the visa requirements etc.

But what do they actually like? :)
Support Desk / Re: Copy & Paste
Last post by Johnnie F. - Feb 23, 2019, 10:05 am
Of course, the initial effect of copy & paste news articles is an increase in the number of users online, as the search engines will come with more bots to read what is posted. But another question is what happens after they read it. Will they recognize the copied content as genuine and show it in the search results or will they rather find out about the original source and let the cheating backfire by giving the site a less good place on the SERPs?
General Discussion / Remembering my cactus "Queen o...
Last post by Johnnie F. - Feb 23, 2019, 09:57 am
Already 13 years ago I wrote this about a cactus:

QuoteOriginally written on April 29, 2006

I got an ugly cactus in my garden. No beauty at all? You might think so! No use at all? You might think so, too!

My wife found the little bugger about 15 years ago near a ricefield of her parents, pitied it, adopted it, put it into a flower pot and brought it home. We were still living in town without being connected to the city water supply, using the salty groundwater there that killed all of the nice plants we kept buying, but not so the little cactus. That kept growing happily though never being near beautiful.

Eight years ago we moved out here, where we have a big garden with lots of beautiful flowers and useful plants. The cactus? It was put in soil and kinda got forgotten. It didn't mind us either, just kept growing, increasing in size though not beauty - just opposite.

Then the first surprise: three years ago, at the age of 12 it started showing flowers. Just a few at first. But the rain always made them fall off soon.

We enjoyed the beauty of the flowers but wondered why we were always seeing either flowers that hadn't opened yet or flowers that were old and had already closed again. As often as we kept looking we never saw an open flower. Then two years ago when I had to go to the Immigration Office in Bangkok and therefore had to get up in the night, the secret got revealed: our cactus had chosen to close its flowers in the daytime and open them at night:

So I ventured to the encyclopaedia to find out. It said, the CEREUS cactus is a very rare species and grows mainly in the southern states of the US like the Arizona Dessert. I wonder how it got here. Here's a pic at sunrise:

And last year we were in for the very big surprise: it even has fruits which taste very sweet and delicious, if the rain doesn't kill the flowers early.

Once more it is full of sprouts now; let's hope that it will have a lot of those delicious fruits and beautiful nightflowers again this year:

I'm seeing my cactus with completely different eyes now:

Suay lae arroy maak!

Quite often I think of my cactus now, how I could have saved that monster from the big red ants, that killed it. I would like to grow one again, if I knew where to get it.
Expat-Life Advice / Re: Expat Life in Korat
Last post by Johnnie F. - Feb 23, 2019, 09:48 am
Quote from: Jim Jones on Feb 23, 2019, 09:12 amCan anybody help me?

Hi JJ, what help are you looking for? That somebody gets you connected to a Thai relative, that you find a friend among the foreigners here or just information?

Certainly there are plenty of girls who want to be married to wealthy farangs. Just who wants to be a match maker, wo wants to be responsible, if it turns out a mismatch?

Finding friends among the foreigners here isn't so easy, finding foes is easier! :shoot

Finding useful information is probably the most difficult, though there will be lots to tell you, what they think you should do. Just be careful not to get into one of those keyboard battles.  ;)
Expat-Life Advice / Expat Life in Korat
Last post by Jim Jones - Feb 23, 2019, 09:12 am
Now I'm 65 and my working life should have ended. In my country retirement age is at 67, but people can retire earlier, if they are happy with less old-age pension. I have calculated and got to the conclusion that it has to be enough, what they'll pay me for retiring at 65. I got some savings as well. My partner died a couple of years ago. Now I feel sorry that I never married her; I always expected we would get old together, not just me alone. My friends are all in safe relationships. They advised me to get a life in Thailand; it would be easy to find a new love there.

I went there for a vacation first: Pattaya! Nightlife and the availability of women amazed me. But of course I wouldn't trust to find a new partner, who is working as hooker. "You gotta go to the countryside and find somebody who is already married to a Thai; they will gladly set you up with one of the family. Alright, so I planned to move  to Korat, looking for a friendly foreigner, whose wife has got a sister or a cousin looking for a farang.

Nowadays there are those internet forums, where you can ask questions and find friends already from afar. So I looked up "korat" + "forum" on Google. Two popped up: "korat-farang" and "koratfart", the latter full of extremely valuable classified information, but not really active. The other, "korat-farang", somehow seemed to be an insider group picking on each other for made up "problems". So I decided not to try getting connected over an internet forum first, rather meet somebody in person. I had found some farang bars, but, oh my, getting even a smile, a "welcome to talk to me" was just not possible. Everybody rather looked into his glass and giving you a suspicious eye "what do you creep want?" I concluded that drunks in bars aren't the people I am looking for as friends. But there were no others I could find...

Can anybody help me?
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