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Title: Life in a Parallel Society
Post by: Johnnie F. on Feb 25, 2019, 08:18 AM
One of the biggest "expat woes" is, the striving for life in a  parallel society. That makes people hang out in so-called "expat hang-outs". From Hemingway's reports we believe to know that those are sophisticated places, where you can meet only interesting people. Is that so in Korat? Since some expats believe there's money to be made in luring their fellow countrymen into a watering hole, we have seen plenty of failures of "expat hang-outs" in Korat already.
Back in my home country there are also plenty of foreign restaurants, but those don't rely on catering their fellow countrymen. They offer an exotic place. Here in Korat the Thais show only very  little interest in "exotic" restaurants from the West. The reason is mainly the price that appears extortionate compared to what you pay in the average Thai restaurant. And especially the roadside stalls offering extremely worthy food at decent prices, many don't need the restaurants with waiters serving them. They take home or eat in food courts. Some Thais have worked in tourist towns before and opened their own ventures in Korat: they can offer Western dishes at reasonable prices. There you'll see a farang eating occasionally, though they never turn into an expat hang-out.
Expat hang-outs are more focused on social drinking, but due to the relatively high price for good beer there isn't that much money to be made running a watering hole for expats. One of the reasons why so many fail! There have been attempts to run more sophisticated bars for farangs in Korat. They failed even faster than the ordinary pub.