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Title: Swimming isn't a Sport only - it's Survival Training
Post by: Johnnie F. on Feb 23, 2019, 04:56 PM
A couple of days ago I read on a German news site, that the number of drowning deaths is on the rise. There they blame it on the lack of swimming training due to the increasing closures of public swimming pools caused by the lack of funds. Sounds logic to me.

The Nation ( just reports the drowning death of a women in Huay Thalaeng in the the Lam Chakaj reservoir in Ban None Sawan village in Tambon None Pradu. She drowned while collecting oysters with her husband in that reservoir, not expecting it to be so deep.

Quite often there are news about people drowning in Thailand. But by what I hear, water is becoming a danger to people in the West as well, because swimming is not a sport or exercise easy to devote oneself to.

I used to do some swimming in my pond, but I gave up on that exercise, because there are mysterious sudden ice-cold streams in there, that could cause me health problems.