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Funny moves (in Korat webspace)

Started by Johnnie F., Feb 22, 2019, 10:27 pm

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Johnnie F.

With big interest I'm watching the development of K-F's "invitation". Showing off with data one does not know how to interpret correctly is a very dangerous thing. Sometimes it is better to lay low and wait for things to develop instead of forcing them in a certain direction... ;)

Maybe it will turn out the big success for somebody, but it might also turn out a huge disappointment to wage into the lion's den. But giving directions to incorrigible hypocrites has little chance to succeed, especially when painting oneself as successful with distorted data.


A very interesting point of view you got there, JF! I'm not less curious how this will develop. After all the insults from afar he all of a sudden appears to expect them not only to be buddies, but even look up to him for self-prescribed "achievements".